The League threatens Sky to obscure the last 6 days of Serie A


A court order for a payment order could only be the first act of the war that League he declared to Sky. If the Santa Giulia TV is still late in settling the last installment for TV rights (worth 130 million), in fact, via Rosellini is not only ready to request interest on late payments and also compensation for damages, but also to “unplug” the cable.

Obscured signal

In essence, the idea would be to no longer provide the signal for the last days of the championship. The reasoning is this: with the 5 installments already paid, Sky it has covered 83% of the matches. So far, however, only 68% have been disputed. Well, by the time you reach 83% of the championship and Santa Giulia’s money is still missing, the League would be ready to turn off the signal. In fact it would be the last 6 days. Will it really be like this or is it a threat? Without an audience in the stands and without TV, in fact, nobody could see those matches, at least live. Team sponsors would also be penalized.

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