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Tiziana Pileggi
Tiziana Pileggi
Prato, May 21, 2020 – “shot down my daughter. “It is the last desperate cry for help that the mother of a young girl suffering from a severe form of autism addresses the Minister of Education, Lucia Azzolina. With the decree of 16 May, the government did not accept the proposal of the Higher Council of Education which asked for freedom of assessment by obliging the schools, in fact, to promote all students. A decision that weighs heavily on Mum Tiziana and the many families who are in the same situation, because the school, as it has been designed in the last two months, has not in the least met the actual needs of special students. Children who can not enjoy any benefit with distance learning, but rather only risk regressing.

The daughter of Tiziana Pileggi attends the middle school in a school of Meadow and in September she should enter the first high school, but she is not ready. Distance teaching for children with autism is not practicable, because they need contact and physical proximity, interaction with the teacher who follows them and whom they trust. A promotion in this situation would be damage as well as a mockery for a girl who, lacking the skills she should have acquired this year, would have to recover them in a new environment and at the same time face entering a high school without possessing the necessary tools.

«There are laws, but there must also be exceptions because people are not all the same. Since March 5, every relationship, every relationship for my daughter has stopped, how can she face a high school? – Mom Tiziana vents – I understand how the intention of passing all the students was to not want to penalize anyone, but the outcome of a promotion or rejection can take on a different meaning when it comes to children with a serious disability. While for most students the promotion will be a reward for my daughter, paradoxically equivalent to a substantial rejection. Even if it progresses in the school path, the objectives of the personalized educational program that it has not achieved will remain unaltered, leaving it alone and last among the last “.

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