the launch of SpaceX is a success


What happened last night in Cape Canaveral is something that could be remembered in the future as the start of a new era of space exploration, which could lead to the rediscovery of the Moon and to the achievement of Mars by human beings in flesh and blood.

The launch of the Crew Dragon-2 it was a success, and the astronauts on board the rocket reached the International Space Station without any problems in the total happiness of Elon Musk and in the applause of the President of the United States of America Donald Trump that we remember, he strongly wanted this mission from the beginning, testifying to it with major investments.

To date it has been 9 years that no American man ventured into space, but the purpose of this re-launch has been reiterated to be not only scientific, but also commercial. From this point of view we bet that in a few years it will be possible, at least for the wealthiest, to indulge a nice journey through space and who knows what else.

But returning with our feet on the ground, Elon Musk and Tesla still have a lot of work to do. One of the most ambitious plans of the CEO of the Californian car manufacturer is to make its fleet of vehicles completely autonomous, thus achieving at least one million automated taxis able to accompany people around america later this year. The project was called “Robotaxi”, and will make use of Tesla’s proprietary autopilot. The autonomous driving system receives constant and substantial updates to meet the deadline, and the owner of a Model 3 has decided to test it through a trip in bad weather conditions: how did it behave in the rain and fog?

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