the latest rumors come from Russia!


Of all the events confirmed for summer 2020, the first in chronological order awaits the public on Thursday 4 June, with a show entirely dedicated to next gen Sony.

The Japanese gaming giant has guaranteed that it wanted to organize a digital show worthy of E3, unfortunately victim of cancellation following the spread of the international health crisis linked to Coronavirus. Waiting to find out what the management has in store Sony for the public, however, the flow of indiscretions related to PlayStation 5.

This time, the rumors come from far away Russia, from the pages of GameMag, somewhat popular gaming portal in the country. According to the latter, he reports PlayStation Universe, at the moment no alleged leak would have revealed the truth PlayStation 5 design. The latter, it continues, would have a very different appearance from the Xbox Series X, with larger dimensions than those of the PlayStation 4 Pro, square base with rounded corners and a more horizontal than vertical extension. PlayStation 5, GameMag continues, would also boast one features that no rumor has ever reported: any leaks in this sense, it is reported, would in fact be immediately traceable to Sony. Furthermore, at the moment, not all the secrets of PS5 would have been revealed to the public.

Obviously, we remind you that we are still talking about unverified rumors, which we therefore invite you to interpret with due caution.

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