The Last of Us – Part II: when does the review come?


There is no doubt that The Last of Us – Part II is one of the most anticipated video games of 2020 and, in all probability of the generation. Considering the high standards imposed by its predecessor, the next work of Naughty Dog he has the artistic responsibility of collecting the legacy of the first journey of Joel and Ellie – and it will only be on June 19th that players will be able to touch it to find out.

Before then, however, you will be able to live the path of approach to the exit of the game on the pages of Spaziogames: to be particularly circled on the calendar will be the date of Friday 12 June, with the video review coming out at 9.01, signed by our Domenico Musicò.

The Last of Us Part II (Sony / Naughty Dog).

Set five years after the original episode, Part II she puts you in the role of a now nineteen-year-old Ellie, who has to deal with a still hostile and infected world in which she is trying to find her place. The game, director Neil Druckmann has never hidden it, will appeal to an adult audience for its tones and themes – some of which seem to have cost the ban in the Middle East.

We also remind our readers of the appointment with a new one State of Play for 22.00 on May 27, where we will see some glimpses of unpublished gameplay. To deceive the wait, meanwhile, you can already book the new themed accessories for your PS4.

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