The Last of Us Part II, the news shown at the State of Play


A few minutes ago, as scheduled, Sony and Naughty Dog showed the new one State of Play dedicated entirely to The Last of Us Part II, scheduled for June 19 on PS4 consoles.

Immediately after reviewing the full trailer released a few weeks ago, the director Neil Druckmann began the live broadcast by thanking the fans and highlighting the difficult period that we are all experiencing, due to the health emergency.

It starts with a video that shows the ending of the first chapter, to which the new game will connect directly: the city of Jackson, within which the survivors try to live a normal life, sheltered by walls.

Peace will obviously not last: Druckmann prepares us for a story of revenge, with Ellie forced to leave the city to fulfill her personal mission. This will push it to the borders of the Pacific Northwest, passing through the city of Seattle.

There the beating heart of the adventure awaits us, with more fluid and more connected exploration mechanics (Ellie seems to have the ability to swing over various obstacles, as well as being able to explore larger environments). Confirmed the presence of the horse for long crossings, included a motor boat to cross the bodies of water.

Ellie, however, will not be alone: ​​the attempt will be made to stop her Washington Liberation Front (or WLF), an armed resistance militia present in Seattle, in addition to the so-called Serafiti (or Hyenas), belonging to a sort of mysterious cult, able to move rather surreptitiously.

The Last of Us Part II, the news shown at the State of Play

Even the infected do not seem to be missing, including i Runner (more numerous and aggressive), i Clicker and some monstrosities never seen before, decidedly more leathery and difficult to break down (whose appearance has not been revealed to the public at the moment).

Humans will be accompanied by real ones watchdogs, who will be able to follow the olfactory trail (visible to Ellie thanks to the listening mode). In any case, we can eliminate the quadrupeds or distract them thanks to the help of objects. The tall grass will be useful for hiding us, but it will be a sort of ‘contextual stealth’ that will not allow us to conceal ourselves 100% in the eyes of the enemy.

The system will also return hand-to-hand combat (much more fluid and versatile), including the presence of firearms and the ability to use enemies as a shield. We will also be able to rely on the – temporary – help of some allies that we will find on our path.

Last but not least, the possibility of evolving the protagonist, thanks to various manuals to be retrieved on the pitch capable of unlocking talents and abilities. All this, arm in arm with the possibility of customizing weapons and crafting (already seen in the first chapter).

The State of Play then ended with a short but intense section of the game never seen before (lasting just under 10 minutes), which allowed us to admire a real slaughter put in place by a more aggressive Ellie than ever.

Just below, find the complete video (subtitled in Italian) of the event broadcast a few minutes ago.

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