The Last of Us 2: You may miss entire portions of the game


The Last of Us 2, the sequel to the famous video game developed by Naughty Dog, is definitely one of the games most anticipated of the year and, during the period that separates us from the official launch, the production company decided to release one video series that show the title in detail. In the published video the developers state how the world of The Last of Us 2 is so big It is free that players could skip completely entire game sequences.

In the last iteration of the series which is dedicated to showing a taste of what The Last of Us 2 will be but without making spoilers concerning the plot, it was possible to observe the gameplay the game in detail. During the video the employees of Naughty Dog explain that the game world of The Last of Us 2 will be the largest ever made by the development team and it will be so vast as to allow players to lose themselves large portions of content.

In The Last of Us 2 we created such an open game world that there are some whole pieces of history, big fighting is sequences totally scripted that a player could never see“Said Deputy Director Anthony Newman. According to the developers one of the reasons that pushed towards such an approach to the narrative structure of The Last of Us 2 is definitely the gratification of the players. “There are things in The Last of Us 2 that a large portion of players will never see, but precisely for this reason when they actually come across these events. it will be as if they discovered themFinally added the developers.

In short, The Last of Us 2 promises an immense video game with enormous potential, but we will have to wait until June 19, 2020, when the video game will be released in exclusive to PlayStation 4, to be able to try out this highly anticipated title. Finally, if you are interested in the game, I recommend you read this article which specifically analyzes the latest video published by Naughty Dog.

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