The Last of Us 2, the limited edition HDD is perfect for the PS4 Pro Limited –


L’HDD in limited edition of The Last of Us 2 produced by Seagate is really beautiful. In fact, it takes up the colors and the motif that make the beautiful PS4 Pro Limited Edition dedicated to the game of Naughty Dog special.

This new model of PS4 Pro has been announced in recent days and today we discover that, together with the DualShock 4 gamepad, it is exclusive to GameStop. In the same hours Seagate has announced a new external hard disc dedicated to gaming.

The device, with its 2TB of internal storage space, is more than enough to hold The Last of Us: Part 2, despite weighing over 100GB. Seagate, of course, designed it to offer the maximum compatibility with PlayStation 4, but this HDD can be used with any other device with a USB socket. Of course, we are not talking about a PS5 SSD and its next-gen data transfer speed, but it is still a quality product by a leading brand in the sector.

The exclusive design dedicated to The Last of Us: Part 2 is not yet on the market, but through the official Seagate website you can keep an eye on availability. The price the standard version of this device is 109.99 euros, so we expect this Game Drive for PS4 Limited Edition The Last of Us 2 to have costs online.

The peculiarity of this device, in addition to the small size thanks to which you can keep your games and installations in your pocket, is particular for the design which incorporates the fern leaf that will be on the PS4 Pro Limited Edition The Last of Us 2, as well as for the logo of the game on display.

Waiting for the release, do you know that a gameplay video was released yesterday showing the mechanics of the game?

The Last Of Us Part Ii Game Drive 03 En Us 18May20

The Last Of Us Part Ii Game Drive 05 En Us 18May20

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