The Last of Us 2, the director of God of War congratulates Naughty Dog in his own way –


Cory Balrog has on his resume games of absolute depth: one out of all the last God of War. But in front of The Last of Us 2 he feels like Antonio Salieri while reading Mozart’s scores for the first time. Citing the famous film Amadeus, Balrog compliments Naughty Dog and is said to have changed since the work of the American studio.

It is well known that complements among colleagues are on the agenda, especially between studies in the same group. Except that in this case the compliments of Cory Balrog they are so much fun that they deserve a separate quote. God of War director started first with a “I have changed forever, “then not happy he added”Hey, Naughty Dog, c..o, yes!“with a beautiful heart and a gif of famous actors who applaud ecstatically.

In this way the director of God of War explained the tweets of a few days before in which he saw theAntonio Salieri Murray Abraham’s almost failing in front of the scores of a young Mozart. Or to be in front of something so beautiful that even an expert and talented musician like Italian pales. And therefore the work of Naughty Dog would be so powerful as to impress even a respected studio like Sony Santa Monica.

What better endorsement?

Obviously the response from the vice-president of Naughty Dog Neil Druckman could not miss: a blushing dove, taken from a Disney movie.

What can I say, thelove! Speaking of The Last of Us 2: are you following our marathon today in view of the State of Play?

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