The Last of Us 2 much less followed by Ghost of Tsushima on social media? –


The Last of Us 2 was the protagonist of a State of Play tonight which however did not produce the social feedback that would be expected from an exclusive of such relevance: the following of the game was much lower than that aroused by the same appointment dedicated to Ghost of Tsushima.

As reported by the insider Benji-Sales, the numbers totaled by The Last of Us: Part II are distant from those of the other blockbusters produced by Sony, such as Marvel’s Spider-Man and God of War.

Specifically, the gameplay video of the State of Play of The Last of Us 2 was followed by 98,000 concurrent users, while that of Ghost of Tsushima was the most watched ever on PS4 with over 180,000 spectators.

Benji obviously said that these numbers will not necessarily impact on the sales of the new title of Naughty Dog, and that he personally expects an extraordinary success.

However, understanding the reasons behind these less than exciting performances is currently difficult. They could also have to do with the fear of getting unwanted spoilers, after the sensational leak of the gameplay videos of a few weeks ago.

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