The Last of Us 2: here is the new gameplay of the State of Play


After dedicating a State of Play to Ghost of Tsushima, Sony decided tonight to do the same with The Last of Us 2. The title developed by Naughty Dog is definitely one of the most anticipated video games of 2020, and is now about to arrive on the shelves of physical and digital stores. In this special episode of the digital PlayStation event we had the opportunity to take a more in-depth look at one of the latest exclusives that will be released on PS4.

The broadcast opens with the most recent trailer published on The Last of Us 2, after which the game director of the game Neil Druckman takes the floor by introducing us to a new, unedited gameplay section, showing us different details on the plot and gameplay of the highly anticipated title. Part two of The Last of Us two takes up the stories of Ellie and Joel after several years have passed since the events of the first chapter. The peace found in the town of Jakcsonville does not last long for Ellie, who traumatized by some events decides to leave for a new adventure towards still inseplorate areas of the United States pandemic posts proposed by Naughty Dog.

The settings, wider than the first episode, will allow Ellie to be explore on foot or on horseback or even using a small boat which will make it able to overcome the flooded areas of Seattle. The city will not be deserted, however, and the protagonist will often stumble across different factions of human survivors and various types of infected. The Last of Us 2 in fact, will present new enemies and forms of infected that will put a strain on the survival of Ellie, who will have to make use of all her skills and the tools she will find around the maps. THE work benches in fact, they will be a good way to organize the collected resources, craft new objects such as proximity mines, silencers for weapons and many other useful objects to survive.

Stealth will only be a method of escaping the rounds of humans accompanied by the ferocious hounds they will carry. The girl, no longer a girl, will also be ready to fight both with bare hands and with a decent variety of weapons, the player will decide to bet on a frontal assault, to silently eliminate the enemies or if to attract them towards the jaws of a group of infected with a trap.

The last part of this State of Play dedicated to The Last of Us 2 offers us what is in effect one gameplay section never seen before. On this occasion all that Druckman’s story a few minutes before was put into practice. Influenced within a structure of one of the human factions, Ellie will make her way through the structure by knocking out the enemies that she will face one after the other until reaching the short final cutscene that decrees the end of this State of Play.

The Last of Us 2

As Druckman reminds us, The Last od Us Part 2 is the most ambitious project developed by Naughty Dog so far. We remind you that the title will be released exclusively on PlayStation 4 on June 19th. Are you satisfied with what has been shown in the latter State of Play? Which of the news seen this evening has impressed you most? Tell us yours in the comments section.

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