The Last of Us 2, here is the gameplay video of the State of Play


The Last of Us 2 was shown tonight with a new one video of gameplay as part of a special State of Play presented by the game director and author of the game ..

After a trailer of recap along the lines of the video diary dedicated to the story, Neil Druckmann, talked about how The Last of Us: Part II it will be set mostly in Seattle, with variable weather conditions and new exploration mechanics between climbing, jumping and using ropes also to find new areas and access secondary missions.

The element stealth it will be rendered realistically: hiding in tall grass will be fine from a distance, but when enemies get close they can see us. We will therefore have to move continuously, within some of the biggest scenarios that Naughty Dog has ever made.

We will be able to ride on horseback or by boat, being careful of the multiple threats present in the city, transformed into a real war zone in which two opposing factions collide continuously: on one side the armed liberation front of Wyoming, on the other the dangerous Seraphites. In the middle, of course, the Infected, with even more lethal new typologies.

Ellie in The Last of Us 2 is nineteen, but a traumatic event led her to become absolutely ruthless. He can use various weapons, each of which has different dynamics and allows peculiar attacks and defensive maneuvers, such as when grabbing enemies behind him and you can silently eliminate them.

During the campaign we will be able to count on the help of some characters and use different strategies, for example by exploiting the hordes of Infected to create diversions and thus overcome obstacles otherwise complicated to face. The crafting system will also allow us to create weapons, objects and accessories that will go hand in hand with our style of play.

As for the unpublished gameplay, which you find at the top of the news, it is an eight-minute sequence in which Ellie sneaks into a WLF base looking for a particular person. On her way she finds a girl intent on playing with a PlayStation Vita and is forced to kill her with a stab when threatening her.

The realistic rendering of the killings and the blood, along with the moans of the dying enemies, make the game one of the most violent we’ve ever seen.

During the movie, Ellie wanders around the area in silence, making a series of silent eliminations thanks to the bow and a silenced pistol. When the alarm is raised, things get more hectic and the girl has to act accordingly, rushing past a door and blocking her to prevent the passage of the guards.

The sequence ends after the exploration of the ventilation ducts, which finally bring Ellie in front of the woman she was looking for.

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