The Last of Us 2, a marathon on for the State of Play tonight –


The Last of Us 2 will return to show itself this evening, with an episode of State of Play from Sony entirely dedicated, e takes the opportunity by proposing a long marathon that will characterize the whole afternoon and evening today.

On the Twitch channel of, starting from 17:00 today, there will therefore be several appointments in videos all focused on The Last of Us 2, in order to discuss the new PS4 exclusive by Naughty Dog according to different aspects.

So let’s see the complete program of this long evening dedicated to The Last of Us 2, which will start at 17:00 with Pierpaolo Greco’s Techtonik and will end around 23:00 with the hot comment on the State of Play, which is set for tonight at 22:00 and will obviously be transmitted, translated and commented also live.

Keep yourselves free, therefore, because the appointments are many:

Techtonik – 5.00 p.m.

  • From the new Xiaomi TVs to The Last of Us 2, with Pierpaolo Greco

Insights – 19:00

  • Another video deepening with Emanuele Gregori and special guest

Multiplayer Answers – 20:00

  • All your questions on The Last of Us 2, with Vincenzo Lettera and Aligi Comandini

State of Play – 9.00 pm

  • The Last of Us 2: the new gameplay, with Francesco Serino and Pierpaolo Greco

Hot commentary – 10.30 pm

  • Discussions and small talk after the State of Play, with Francesco Serino, Pierpaolo Greco, Umberto Moioli and Vincenzo Lettera

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