The last masterpiece in August is a painful renunciation: Aduriz’s bittersweet farewell


“My body said enough.” Aritz Aduriz had already decided to end his career at the end of the current season, but did not wait for the resumption of the championship and the chance to play the final of Copa del Rey, the expected Basque derby against his hometown team. The 39-year-old from San Sebastian announced his retirement a little while ago, with a letter that provoked reactions of great emotion in Spain and beyond. Football loses a single striker, who found his consecration perhaps too late, with the return to the Athletic Club in 2012.

A painful decision – Here, El Zorro it has become a real institution. Beloved by fans, he helped write some of the most beautiful pages in the club’s recent history, with spectacular goals and a strong personality. A leader recognized by everyone, the absolute protagonist of the Super Cup victory against Barcelona in 2015 and many splendid evenings in the Europa League. Precisely against Barcelona he signed his latest masterpiece: a goal in a scissor kick in the debut game of this decisive championship, 65 seconds after he entered the field. He could have ended with the Copa derby, we said, but he didn’t want to be a burden in a moment of great suffering for the whole world. Humility and generosity: Aduriz’s journey has come to an end, even if the ending is not what he hoped for.


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