The last assault on Lombardy. The shock accusations: “Fix the data”


In the clay pigeon shooting against Lombardy we also put the Gimbe Foundation. After the accusations against Governor Fontana, the threats of the Carc, the allegations of grillini in the Chamber, he is now the president of the Foundation, Nino Cartabellotta, to insinuate the doubt that from Pirellone they “adjusted the data” on the infections for who knows what reason. Accusations that the Region rejects the sender calling them “very serious, offensive and above all not true”.

His j’accuse Cartabellotta throws it from the microphones of Radio 24. When the journalist asks him if it is possible that Lombardy can adjust the data to avoid another lockdown, the president of GIMBE he replies without hesitation: “There is a reasonable suspicion that this is the case, also because in Lombardy there have been too many oddities about the data during these three months: discharged subjects who were communicated as healed by feeding the so-called healed silos; alternations and delays in data communication, which could have been justified in the emergency phase when there were many cases but much less now, yet recounts are much more frequent in this phase 2. It is as if there was a sort of need for keep below what is the number of cases diagnosed “.

For now, there doesn’t seem to be any evidence. But Cartabellotta does not hold back his indictment. Remember that you asked for the “closure of the whole in March Lombardy“, because that level of” contagion explosion “shows that the virus was snaking” already in February “. He then criticizes the” non-decisions “of that period, such as the” non-closure of the areas of Alzano Lombardo and Nembro “(also if it was up to the government to do it.) And it targets the inadequate “testing activities“del Pirellone: ​​the submerged cases would be 10-20 times the existing ones, says Cartabellotta, but” if I do not go to identify them, trace and isolate these continue to turn and infect “. Like” a dog that bites its tail: from a part you don’t want to make too many swabs to avoid putting too many cases on the plate, on the other by not identifying them you feed the contagion “. The purpose of the Lombard junta would be to find less positive to adulterate” the famous RT index “and accelerate the restart. However, given that even now 6% of the diagnostic swabs are positive, the Gimbe Foundation is certain that the Pirellone “will come out of this tragedy last, because if it closes too late and you want to reopen too soon, and you also combine swords on the numbers, then it is obvious that the political will is not to dominate the epidemic but is to start again as soon as possible with all the activities, and this does not leave you calm “.

The reply of the Region. “In Lombardy – reads a note – since the beginning of the pandemic the data are published transparently and sent to the institutions and health authorities in charge. Nobody, starting from the Istituto Superiore di Sanità, has ever questioned the quality of our work which, indeed, the ISS has always validated considering it suitable to represent the situation in our region “. “It is therefore unacceptable – concludes the Note – to listen to similar statements that we hope will be corrected by those who pronounce them”.

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