The jackals of the virus in action: a few euros for bars and restaurants on the verge of bankruptcy


Unscrupulous speculators who wander around the capital and try to take over cheap bars and restaurants in difficulty. The complaint comes from Adriana Perugini, a historic street restaurateur Cernaia who has been the owner of “The heart of Naples” for over twenty years. «A person showed up and offered me three or four thousand euros for to buy my restaurant – confesses the woman, who after the quarantine did not find the economic strength to reopen -. I don’t have the money to start again, I have not received state aid, but I don’t want to give up everything I have built for four bucks. ”

Adriana’s painful story continues sitting on one of the empty chairs of her restaurant, a small restaurant with few covers: «I feel like a person who has already failed and if it weren’t for the children I would start having bad thoughts. Where can I find another job if I have to face the legal consequences of a bankruptcy? ». A situation that has del paradoxical because Adriana cannot declare bankruptcy, nor can she lay off her employees, but she does not have enough liquidity to pull up the shutter: «I have not even received the six hundred euros of support for VAT numbers and even if I sold my business to the jackals with that little that they give me I wouldn’t even be able to cover my debts, “concludes the restaurateur.

May 25, 2020 | 15:17


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