The highway concessions are over. The Benettons play the last card suing the state and freezing 14.5 billion in investments


Legal battle was to be, and legal battle will be between the state and Atlantia, the Benetton-controlled company which in turn controls Autostrade per l’Italia. The Group that has collected billions of euros thanks to a public concession of motorways still inexplicably advantageous today has decided to sue the Government that wants to remove the hen from the golden eggs it has had for decades, and meanwhile is not going to do it also as guarantor for the billionaire loans that the company intends to ask to face the reduction in traffic during the lockdown for Covid.

An arm wrestling that gave the motorway manager the pretext to change course again after the collapse of the Genoa bridge and the action initiated by the Conte Executive and then minister Danilo Toninelli to revoke the concession. An armored contract at the time of the first Republic and consolidated in the years immediately following by a strangely very generous policy with the private contractor. Thus the Benettons obtained extraordinary conditions on tariffs and investments from Anas, thanks to which they subsequently bought the highways in Spain, the Channel Tunnel and a lot of other stuff for the world. After slowing down the revocation by basing an infinite trial on the events of Genoa, Atlantia had tried to coax the government by promising to join the new Alitalia.

But after the refusal by the 5S of such a barter – which made Alitalia lose almost a year of useless negotiations – now the path of legal proceedings returns, accompanied by the retaliation of the blockade of the extraordinary planned investments, amounting to over 14 billion, limiting itself only to ordinary maintenance and to works to secure the network. The necessarily slow but effective work to close the dispute arising after the Genoa disaster to the advantage of the State therefore comes to a turning point. And to force the hand to the 5 stars, which have promised to close this system that for decades has made the private wealthy and leave the crumbs to the state, a sort of settlement offer has been presented, which foresees projects for a total of 14.5 billion, of of which 2.9 offered as a form of compensation for the Genoa accident, with 1.5 billion of investments and reduction of tariffs for commuters, 700 million of further projects on the network and another 700 for the reconstruction of the bridge.

Little, indeed very little compared to the 43 dead of Morandi, to 40 of the Avellino viaduct, to what the Benettons and associates have put in their pockets for decades, and to what leaving things as they are will still earn on the toll booth rates.

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