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The outcome you don’t expect. Roger Federer tears up the big names in football and takes the top spot Forbes 2020 of the highest paid athletes in the world. Fresh from publication, the list of 100 sports personalities who have recorded the highest revenues of the last year reserves a surprise that, as the support article says, is also determined by the wage cuts brought about by the Covid-19 emergency. A result that in all probability will remain unrepeatable, because it is too marked by the difference between sports disciplines that have completed or almost completed the cycle of competitions before the lockdown and others that have been abruptly stopped. But the fact remains: the Swiss tennis champion (106 million dollars the pre-tax sum of his annual earnings) climbs four positions compared to the 2019 ranking and puts behind the three stars of global football that a year ago had occupied the podium: Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo and Neymar. Among the three, moreover, there is a change in the position of relative primacy, with the Portuguese Juventus that surpasses the Argentine of Barcelona.Another novelty of the 2020 ranking is the presence of two women instead of one. In the 2019 ranking there was only Serena Williams, placed in 63rd place. The US tennis player was also the only woman present in the 2017 ranking (51a). Between the two lists, here is the one in 2018, which did not register female presences because that year Serena Williams had just returned from motherhood. So it seemed that the breakdown of the total male monopoly in the Forbes ranking depended exclusively on the younger Williams sister. And instead in the 2020 list another tennis player appears, the Japanese Naomi Ōsaka, who ranks 29th and leaves four squares behind the US veteran. However, this data is still tremendously deficient and which once again indicates how serious the problem of the gender pay gap is in sport.

As regards representation by sports disciplines, basketball continues to dominate (NBA, of course), which confirms the 35 positions out of 100 last year. NFL football follows, jumping to 31 positions from 19 on the 2019 list. Football is growing slightly, occupying the 3rd position and going from 12 to 14 appearances (613 million dollars earned compared to 607 a year ago). Baseball collapsed, hit almost to death by the lockdown: only 1 name (Clayton Kershaw, 57th) compared to 15 a year ago, with the passage from 468 million dollars in 2019 to 27 million dollars in 2020.@pippoevai

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