“The government is a criminal, immigrants die today. Justice? Pd and M5s would also arrest children” – Libero Quotidiano


Lorenzo Mottola

“It’s a great moral satisfaction, but still risk.” For Matteo Salvini the game is still to be played. “I certainly don’t dream of spending my time between prosecutors and lawyers,” he explains, but that’s where politics ended up taking him. “And just for doing my duty, without killing anyone. Instead now, once the blocks are over, we count many dead. And the criminal would be me? ».

Salvini, do you think that the embarrassment of the wiretapping published on the Palamara case influenced the choice of some senator to deny the authorization to proceed?
“I think the senators thought about the acts, which are clear. We are talking about a Spanish NGO that collected immigrants in Libyan and Maltese waters and that had not one but two Spanish ports available. And yet he illegally decided to come to Italy. So my “no” to landing was to defend Italian law and sovereignty. After that, surely, as they have affected me, the insults and political considerations of the magistrates will have affected others too ».

From Leu to the Cinquestelle there are those who accuse her of “running away from trials”.
«Actually I already have a trial, in Catania in October (for the Gregoretti case, ed.). Secondly, if I did my homework, I don’t see why I should be tried. It is the constitution that provides that the defense of the homeland is a sacred duty of every citizen. And fighting against smugglers and illegal immigrants means defending the homeland. Also because during my blockings not a single person died, while in these days it seems to me that there were several drowned and injured people. And the landings went from 1400 to 4700. So where are the criminals? I leave the readers to choose what the criminal attitude is ».

The vote was affected by the abstention of the senators of Italia Viva. Someone will write that the League was saved by Renzi.
«I sent a message to two senators – one of the Cinquestelle and one who left the Movement – who replied that they had read the documents and voted conscientiously. There is no exchange and I have not asked for anything. Also because, I want to tell the reader, today’s vote represents a moral satisfaction, but then the decision of the classroom will count. And if Pd and Cinquestelle continue to insist on their forcaiolo attitude, unfortunately I will have to face the process. Then I am not worried but since I believe I have done my duty, I do not ask for medals, but neither do I spend my time between lawyers and magistrates ».

Do you think that a debate on landings will open in the Cinquestelle, perhaps on the fact that Conte also had a role in the Sea Watch case?
«I hope so, also because I have letters, decrees and emails in my hand which prove that there has been a dialogue with the government, from Conte to Toninelli to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. On this as on all the other landings the line was common. I’m sorry that then the Cinquestelle for the sake of armchairs and the Democratic Party did the somersault, but I know for sure that within them there are problems of conscience. Not all the Cinquestelle chose the armchair, they were the managers ».

Among those who complain about the vote in the council there are also some priests. Caritas wanted the trial. The parish priest of Lampedusa speaks of “state injustice”.
«I would invite the parish priest to make a telephone call to the parents of the two children who died last year in the province of Ragusa, killed by an SUV while playing in front of the house. Today was the sentence: their murderer was sentenced to nine years, he will be out in five. And I risk 15. Instead of evoking the jail for the bad and ugly and Salvini, someone could dedicate themselves to the real criminals ».

Misunderstandings continue to emerge between the Church and the League.
“I can say that I received many messages of solidarity, even from the top echelons of the ecclesiastical world, which make me say that the debate is not only within the Cinquestelle and that the attitude towards illegal immigration is no longer unique. Many parish priests or missionaries – they also wrote to me from Africa – have understood that whoever wants open ports for all feeds slavery and human trafficking ».

You asked for the zeroing of the CSM. Do you know that anyone who tries to reform justice in Italy ends up making a bad end?
«I know, but I have the defect of saying what I think and doing what I say. Reading about magistrates asking to convict someone for political reasons, even if they think he is right, makes me say that we are not in a normal country. In our opinion, Italy can be rebuilt with zero bureaucracy and with the flat tax, but also with a reform of justice, which would come after years and years of words. Having political currents in the courts is not healthy. ”

But is it possible at this moment to think of a reform of justice?
«Certainly not with a majority of PdM5S. The Cinquestelle would also arrest the children and, in order to remain in power, in the Democratic Party they would arrest the mothers of the entire Libero editorial staff. Only those with a liberal culture can set up a respectful reforming speech, inspired by Beccaria and the rehabilitation of the condemned man, on a human scale prison, which provides for the separation of careers. It will be one of the reforms we will do when the Italians bring us back to the government. And it will not be done against the judiciary: because I believe that 90% of the category is healthy, independent and non-partisan “.

Another thing that you are reprogramming is the return to the rallies because everyone says that the League without Salvini in the square is a little hard.
«For us, contact, personal relationships, presence in factories and schools is fundamental. Online politics is not enough for us. Also because there is the problem that the current majority basically controls all televisions, radios and newspapers. Consequently, if the situation were to calm down, I will go to Campania, Calabria, Sicily and visit some Bergamo and Brescia companies ».

Provided that it is allowed: on reopenings there are still those who brake.
“The problem is that hunger is likely to do more harm than virus. Tomorrow (today, editor’s note) I will be with the president of INPS because there are two million people still waiting for the layoffs for March. And then in the afternoon I will speak in the classroom on the school decree. Because the problem is not just being open-minded or fearful: in France, where they had the same problems as ours, one million children are already in the classroom with 40 thousand schools open in safety, with 10 pupils per class. Because France yes, Austria yes, Switzerland yes and in Italy no ».

Good to start safely, but are there resources?
«The resources used so far are insufficient: they reach 100 billion, even counting the approximately 20 disbursed by the banks are equal to 5% of the promised 400 billion firepower. Germany is already at an altitude of 800. For tourism, France, on equal terms, has allocated 18 billion, Italy 1.8. There is a comma of difference. ”

Where do we get the money?
«At this moment the government could issue all the treasury bonds it wants. There is demand higher than supply and there are very low interest rates. Then the political will intervenes: if the government issued 50 billion instead of 5 next week, the people and the ECB would buy them. And the government would have the money. ”

But there is also the fear of excessive debt.
“You repay the debt if people work. If they close stores and lay off employees, what do we do? Do we all keep on citizenship income? I think there is also a problem of setting up this government, which is ideologically against freedom of enterprise, private initiative and VAT numbers. Perhaps by political choice they prefer rain assistance. There is no idea of ​​a country in the relaunch decree. There are tips, but for the company and the VAT number, there is nothing for the self-employed. It is necessary to understand if this government is dominated only by ideology, incapacity or if there is also a choice: that of having a country assisted, as Professor Ricolfi denounces, afraid and blocked by social tensions. Today in Rome there was a demonstration with 3000 people. What answers can we give him? We send him the 60,000 guardians of the Contian revolution chasing who goes to the bathroom? Someone wants a Chinese Italy ».

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