the giant Ovs leaves the historic center


TREVISO – The discussion had been going on for months, but in the last few days the turning point: Ovs, chain of department storesdedicated to fashion and always one of the faces of the historic center, communicated to the owners of the large building overlooking Via Indipendenza and Via XX Settembre the intention to cancel the lease and leave the premises later this year. Reason: expensive rents. The company, consulted, entrenches itself behind a very strict reserve and does not release any information. But the news is certain and, in the city, it has left its mark.

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The historic café says no to the “crazy” rent in San Marco: «50 thousand euros per month»

The eventual farewell of the fashion giant would leave a void both as regards the commercial offer of the city and in the good living room of the historic center. And even at Ca ‘Sugana someone has already started to straighten their antennae to understand what will happen: «I am convinced that an agreement will be found in the end»Ensures the mayor Mario Conte who wants to find himself with a black hole a stone’s throw from Piazza dei Signori. The Ovs case remembers very closely what happened with Coin, another brand symbol of the city center, which a year ago threatened to leave its current location always for reasons related to renting. Coin looked for an alternative location for a few weeks. Then the rift with the owners of the walls recomposed and remained in place. With Ovs the horizon is still not so clear. The silence that comes from the management does not allow us to understand if the brand will remain in Treviso but in another location or leave the city. But certainly there is an ongoing negotiation at least with the owners of the spaces.

Reverse: Coin stays in the center and raises: now we open a bistro

The Covid emergency played its part in choosing to force the hand with the termination letters. Ovs has been pursuing a fee containment policy for some time and a few days ago, during a meeting to illustrate the Federdistribuzione report on the impact of the Covid emergency on the distribution sector, themanaging director Stefano Beraldo he had expressed very clear concepts. The first: in a crisis that has effectively eliminated exports, the government has thought of safeguarding only small businesses by forgetting all those sectors that were not food. “In particular – underlined Beraldo on that occasion – in all regulatory interventions, the biggest absentees were rents which, together with personnel costs, represent the most relevant item for all traders, in addition of course to that relating to goods which for companies like mine weigh 70% of the total on the income statement. The government has regulated rents only for companies under € 5 million, all others with higher turnover, which are the ones that make the most investments, have been made out. As if big companies didn’t have the same problems as small ones. This lack of intervention is very serious because it leaves open the risk of a dispute between companies and real estate properties “.

Shops away from the center of Treviso: «Lower the rents, you get to 30 thousand euros per month»

The Treviso case, most likely, is not fully connected to that discussion. For some time now, expensive rents had become a topic of discussion for the survival of the city headquarters. But the two months of closing still influenced, even if the recovery was very positive: when phase two started, the number of receipts flew. But the rental issue has remained a sore point. And the CEO had warned that the closure of some stores should be an eventuality to be taken into due consideration. And always on the occasion of the illustration of the Federdistribuzione report, Beraldo had predicted what is happening today: «At this point, it is likely that theand more structured companies will close their stores. Even my group will close the stores when the real estate property will not accept a revision of the rents consistent with what has happened. We will make withdrawals and there will be many if necessary, because this is also the moment when the real estate bubble that destroyed our country’s trade must be deflated ».


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