the games announced to reveal may not be many, that’s why


New rumors continue to arrive about the presentation event of PlayStation 5 by the VentureBeat reporter, Jeff Grubb. According to the character’s latest statements, Sony may have decided to limit the amount of games shown on the occasion of the reveal of the next generation console.

Although such news may suggest a lack of material by the Japanese giant or a series of agreements between Microsoft and third parties to exclusively show the Xbox Series X version, it would seem it is all due to a disclaimer. According to Grubb, in fact, many of the videos that will be presented at the event will contain the following message:

“This game is running on a PC but will be optimized for the PlayStation 5 hardware.”

The choice of Sony would therefore seem to be due to the presence of the disclaimer on the trailers of many third-party games, so as to limit the number of titles shown in their PC version.

About the Sony console, did you know that the creators of PlayStation 5 have enhanced the audio characteristics of the next-gen console? According to the latest rumors, the first presentation event of PlayStation 5 could be set for next June, but the one featuring the games will arrive only in August.

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