The game of the two Matteo and Conte’s strategy to arrive until October


A Matteo who saves the other a classic of Palazzo’s minor literature. But while the focus was on Renzi and Salvini, Conte moved yesterday to guarantee himself a few more months of survival, as I fall in October.

Sar because he hears the noise of enemies, it will be because a narrative is being built to help ward off what he says he fears, but a fact that for days the Prime Minister – says a government representative – has dropped this forecast in confidential talks. Certainly the guarantee choice made by which Italia viva has avoided (for now) another trial for the leader of the League, restoring suspicions about a dangereuse liaison between the former Prime Minister and the former Interior Minister. However, the bartering thesis does not hold up, even after the center-right in Lombardy elected Renziana Baffi to chair the regional commission of inquiry on the management of the health emergency: the exchange of favors would have a negative balance for Iv, who in fact – to protect himself – he asked his councilor to resign from office.

The work of the Council for authorizations on the Open Arms case thus overshadowed the decision by Palazzo Chigi to indicate September 20 as the date for the regional, administrative and referendum on the cutting of parliamentarians. Meanwhile, the choice definitively clears the field of the hypothesis that – in the event of a government crisis – there may be early elections: hypotheses – underlines the constitutionalist pd Ceccanti – which never existed. But above all, Conte’s decision has a political objective: it aims to freeze the maneuvers of the transversal party that aims to replace it. And since the election day will have a queue on October 4, for the municipal ballot, the premier thinks he can crush the hostile plan, given that it would be difficult to open a crisis in the middle of the budget session.

This explains the prophecy, which Conte feeds hoping to exorcise it. To deal with the blow on the election day he took advantage of the internal clash between the League between Zaia (who wanted the vote in July) and Salvini (who fears the governor of Veneto). And then he broke the resistances of that piece of Democratic Party that pressed on Zingaretti to get the ballot boxes in the summer: Nicola, it suits you. But the premier entrenched himself behind the suggestions of the Scientific Committee: He advises against the elections in July for health reasons, he explained seraphic. Obviously no one believed him: Already everything is reopening – commented a dem representative yesterday – and in July the only thing that could not be reopened are the seats ?.

The fact that by opening seats in the country, they would open immediately after the games in Parliament, and the prime minister does not want to leave his allies-opponents hands free. Also because – confided a minister – Conte knows that he will not be able to do three. Other than the Renzi-Salvini axis, the real challenge is played on another level: Palazzo Chigi is at stake. And the time window for a change in reduced travel: between the appointments to be launched and the decrees to be converted, August remains. The Pd is a trap. Governor Bonaccini – who by now does not hide national political ambitions – yesterday criticized Conte’s choice, with whom relations have always been very rough.

The point that the Regionals in September are like Friesian horses that block everyone, Berlusconi too: playing his last game alone, to enter a new government and influence the choice of the next head of state, would mean shattering Forza Italia. Time is running out, after nothing can be done, Giorgetti said yesterday to an authoritative leader of the Democratic Party: And unfortunately those three-four of your party who go in order to be elected to the Quirinale need to run this government . In the conversation names of politicians in business and currently on the bench were mentioned. But these – concluded the League representative – have not understood that if the economic crisis explodes, politics will be commissioned by a technician. We will talk about it again in October. As Conte prophesies.

May 26, 2020 (change May 26, 2020 | 10:58 pm)


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