“The Franks cannot be touched”


The latest on the stadium affair: only the hypothesis Campi per Commisso remains

Republic on newsstands today takes stock of the stadium affair. Rocco Commisso has understood that only the hypothesis of a new plant in Campi Bisenzio remains. The plan to restore the Franks is not convenient, on the contrary: to buy it and redo it again would cost as two stages. The purple patron did not like Nardella’s words (READ HERE) on the solution in Campi. Tomorrow the ban of Mercafir will expire, another nuanced hypothesis: Friday the number one of Fiorentina could take the floor, perhaps with a press release. Finally, a background, according to the newspaper, the superintendent Pessina would have called Franceschini after his counterpart in Milan gave the green light to bring down San Siro. The meaning of the call? “Franks remains a monument and cannot be touched”.

Gamberini: “Kumbulla not to be missed. Here’s who I choose between Pezzella and Milenkovic “




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