The forward flight of the top of the range is opening the field to a whole new category of smartphones


Edoardo Carlo Ceretti

The latest Counterpoint Research report allows us to reflect on the smartphone market today and tomorrow.
They have a look with attention to the smallest details, they are made with quality materials, boast super bright OLED displays and often with curved edges, the quality of the photos they manage to take constantly improves and their price is within (almost) everyone’s reach. They are not aliens, but they are defined smartphones affordable premium, or rather endowed with many features drawn directly from the increasingly expensive top of the range, but from the low price list, in the face of less and less painful waivers. And they are breaking through the hearts of users.

This is what emerges from the last reports of Counterpoint Research, which photographs the performance of the Korean market, litmus paper of what happens also in other latitudes. In recent years, in fact, we are witnessing a change in the purchase intentions of users: the constant price increase of the top of the range is pushing the powerful affirmation of cheaper models, but with all the credentials to not make the older brothers regret.

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In South Korea, for example, at the beginning 2019 the three best-selling models were Galaxy Note 9, S10 and S10 +, all smartphones with a list price well above $ 800. A year later, the undisputed king is Galaxy A90 5G, whose price is better around instead $ 450. And in the Top 5 they only take the 5G variants of Galaxy Note 10, while all the others are decidedly cheap smartphones.

Something similar is also happening in our area, with manufacturers like Samsung, Xiaomi, OPPO and Motorola which, on the one hand showcase their top of the range for over a thousand euros, on the other they occupy the medium-high range with models (respectively) such as Galaxy S10 Lite, POCO F2 Pro, Find X2 Neo and Edge. All smartphones that in appearance, materials and specifications do not have too much to envy to the more expensive models, but cost significantly less. And let’s not forget the move of Apple with the new iPhone SE, which could consolidate an evident trend. What do you think about it?


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