The “fire” chats of the togas: “Yes, we campaign for Pd”


Fierce magistrates, ready to strike ex Interior Minister Matteo Salvini in every possible way: chat after chat, the power network orchestrated by Luca Palamara takes on an ever sharper form.

From what emerges from the latest conversations published by the media, even the former vice-president of the CSM, Giovanni Legnini, allegedly participated in the maneuvers of Palamara to attack the secretary of the Carroccio on the issue inherent in the ship Eighteen.

Legnini, writes the newspaper The truth, try to defend yourself from the crossfire: “It was a dutiful intervention, which falls within the competence of the CSM, carried out exclusively to protect the independence of the judiciary from the other powers of the state, and which I would do exactly in the same terms. It was a dutiful intervention, which falls within the competence of CSM, carried out exclusively to protect the independence of the judiciary from other state powers, and which I would do in exactly the same terms“. The published messages, in short,”they have nothing to do“with the Palamara affair. And their publication would decontextualize its meaning.

But to crumble Legnini’s defense, he still points out The truth, is a chat in which the CSM councilor, Nicola Clivio, appears hesitant in the face of the strategy of the then vice-president of Palazzo dei Marescialli. “But Giò (refers to Giovanni Legnini ed.) he applies for Abruzzo. It would be important to know this given the air that pulls“, Clivio asks Palamara on August 24, 2018. Palamara’s answer is not long in coming:”Still uncertainty“.

The chat between Clivio and Palamara

The conversation continues. At that point Clivio replies: “Ok. Because he asks us to say something about the history of ship and we do it willingly but then it should not be said that he thus begins his election campaign. Clear the pattern?“. Palamara clarifies the situation better with two messages:”Exactly everyone asks us too. I told him I have to think about it. It must be everyone’s reflection“. It’s still: “To do this you must: 1. Request from all of us, 2. Also covered by new ones … Otherwise ours becomes a wand …“.

On August 25, that is one day later, four group leaders sign the note inspired by Legnini. That note released by the former former vice president of the CSM highlights how the goal of the magistrates was to “guarantee the independence of the judiciary and the peaceful conduct of investigations and of any judicial activity, without encroaching on the field of assessments and decisions that fall to the executive and judicial powers“.

Legnini and Palamara, he adds The truth, also come into contact with the Agrigento prosecutor, Luigi Patronaggio, nothing less than the holder of the file on Salvini. “Dear Luigi, he will also call you Legnini, we are all a hug with you“Palamara wrote to him. Again the answer is almost immediate:”Thanks. He has already called me and made me very happy“.

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