the ex UDC leader instead of Sergio Mattarella? – Free newspaper


Neither likes this government, to the point that in the Democratic Party they already think of a tandem made up of Pier Ferinando Casini is Matteo Renzi to blow everything up. “Watch out for those two”, the worried dems are saying “because Casini and Renzi are two fearful Christian Democrats, therefore very expert in tactics and strategies from the first republic. And then Casini for his projects cannot find a better ally than Renzi” . According to the backstory signed the weather everything would be in article 84 of the Constitution, which states that “every citizen who can be elected President of the Republic have turned fifty of age and enjoy civil and political rights. ”

And here we come to the point: in 2022, when the presidential term of Sergio Mattarella – continues the Roman newspaper – Renzi will be just 47 years old, but Casini will not. The former President of the Chamber of Deputies is in fact 64 years old, just enough to reach the Colle. “Tell us a long way and having obtained parliamentary election in almost all parties, Casini – this is the reasoning – knows that such an opportunity happens once in a lifetime. One like him, then, brought to the Senate this time thanks to the Democratic Party, and that as well Silvio Berlusconi he could not avoid voting. “In a nutshell, an opportunity not to be missed and it is no coincidence that Casini has long protected the former premier with a sword.

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