The EU and the 27 condemn Khamenei’s threats against Israel – Middle East


“The 27 EU countries and the High Representative Josep Borrell condemn Khamenei’s statements which question Israel’s legitimacy”. Peter Stano, spokesman for Borrell, writes it on Twitter. These statements are “totally unacceptable and incompatible with the goal” of ensuring that “the region is stable and peaceful. The EU reaffirms its commitment to Israel’s security,” adds Stano.

Khamenei’s words – “Jihad and the struggle to free Palestine are Islamic duties. Victory is guaranteed by God”. The Iranian Supreme Guide Ali Khamenei said this in his speech for Qods Day (Jerusalem), stressing that it would be “a serious mistake to consider the Palestinian question only as an Arab question”. The main goal of this struggle, Khamenei added, is “the liberation of all Palestinian lands and the return of all Palestinians to their homeland”.

“The occupation of Palestinian lands and the formation of the Zionist cancer tumor as the basis for the West in the region must not be forgotten.” Khamenei said in the speech broadcast live on Qods Day (Jerusalem), organized every year in the Islamic Republic on the last Friday of Ramadan to support the Palestinian cause.

“The Zionism virus will soon be eradicated from the region,” said the Iranian guide. Khamenei added that “jihadist groups must be organized and expand in Palestinian lands, because the Zionists understand only the language of force.”


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