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Have you just purchased a Huawei or HONOR smartwatch or smartband and don’t know how to connect it to your Android smartphone? You have installed the companion app Huawei Health but you can’t continue in the pairing procedure?

In this guide we explain the steps you need to download and install HMS 4.0 (Huawei Mobile Services) to be able to make the most of your new smartwatch or your new smartband Huawei or HONOR. So let’s see how to solve connection problems with devices such as Huawei Watch GT 2, Huawei Watch GT 2e, Huawei Watch GT, HONOR MagicWatch 2, HONOR MagicWatch, Huawei Band 4 Pro, HONOR Band 5, Huawei Band 4, Huawei Band 3 Pro, HONOR Band 4 and others.

Huawei Health and HMS 4.0

You have just purchased a Huawei or HONOR smartwatch or smartband and following the instructions in the package, and also visible on the smartwatch, you have installed the Huawei Health app on your smartphone.

Now, rightly, you think that it is sufficient to start the new application and follow some simple indications to complete the operation. If your smartphone is a HONOR or Huawei then you are right and you just need to follow a couple of simple on-screen indications to complete the configuration and start enjoying your new smartwatch or smartband.

But if the smartphone is from another manufacturer and you have never paired Huawei wearables, it is likely that the writing you see on the screen below appears:

Huawei Health requires a newer version of Huawei Mobile Services (4.0.0 or later) to function properly. Download the latest version of Huawei AppGallery.

If you don’t own a Huawei or HONOR smartphone, it is highly unlikely that you already have it installed AppGallery, so the first thing you’ll try to do is try to download Huawei Mobile Services from the Play Store, this at least for the most savvy users. It is likely that the less experienced have already been lost, since there is no link that allows, at least, to automatically open an application store.

The Play Store is not a viable way, since you will only find version 3.0 of Huawei Mobile Services, absolutely useless for this case. It is therefore necessary to carry out some manual operations to solve the problem. Remember that at the end of the installation you will not find any icon for Huawei Mobile Services, which can still be managed or uninstalled through the application management in the Settings of your smartphone

How to download and install HMS 4.0 (download)

There are two ways that allow you to download and install the coveted Huawei Mobile Services in version 4.0 on Android, whether they are Samsung, LG, Google, Sony, HTC, OnePlus, Motorola, Nokia, Realme, Oppo, Xiaomi, Redmi, ASUS or another brand: download the installation file manually from safe sources, such as APKMirror, or install AppGallery, which allows you to simplify any future updates. So let’s see the steps to follow for both solutions, with very simple operations that will require a few clicks to complete.

Installation with AppGallery: APK download

If you want to simplify the installation process and be sure to always have the latest version of Huawei applications, the best solution is to install AppGallery. Simply follow the instructions on the official Huawei page which provides you with a link to download the alternative store.

Once AppGallery is installed (you may be asked for permission to install applications from unknown sources) simply search for HMS to obtain the latest version of Google services. Usually on the AppGallery there are more recent versions of the app, both HMS and Huawei Health, so this solution is the most suitable for those who want to be sure to always have the latest version and compatible with the largest number of products. Once the installation is complete you can continue the configuration of the new smartband or smartwatch without further problems.

Manual installation: download APK

It is definitely the easiest operation to perform, given that you just need to download this APK file to the internal memory of your smartphone and proceed with the installation. Android may ask you to provide permission to install applications from unknown sources if you have not already granted this permission. Once installed the HMS 4.0 you can go back to Huawei Health and continue with the pairing of the smartwatch or smartband, without any other hitch.


As you can see, the procedure is not particularly complex, it is a pity that Huawei does not mention it in the installation procedure and abandon its users in such a delicate phase of the configuration. A direct link to the apk file to be installed, or a link to a page that explains in a simple way the procedure to follow, would be enough to make the operation easy even for beginners. This is what you need to download and install the HMS (Huawei Mobile Services) in version 4.0 useful for using your smartwatch or your Huawei or HONOR smartband.

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