The dog waited 3 months for his master in the hospital, but did not know that he had died of coronavirus


Around February, an elderly man with coronavirus was taken to Wuhan hospital. The man was in critical condition and died only five days later from complications caused by COVID-19.

The little dog refused the master’s death

The dog had come to the hospital with his owner and had been waiting. However, no one understood that the loyal animal of the now deceased master was waiting for its owner in the hospital waiting room. The dog waited for his master for three months, he also refused to leave the hospital.

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Hospital staff often tried to get the dog out of the hospital, but he always came back. The dog did not want to leave his sick owner alone. The faithful dog waited impatiently to see his master after a long wait. The dog did not know about his master’s death.

Wu Cuifen owns a small shop in the building inside the hospital. He had time to get to know the dog during these three months of stay. Cuifen learned about the owner’s situation and decided to take care of the dog. The dog was called Xiao Bao (in Italian: little treasure).

But despite this, hospital staff received several complaints about the dog. The staff subsequently informed the Wuhan Animal Welfare Organization. The dog lives in a shelter waiting to find a new family.

Sources: Newsner, New York Post.

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