The discount on the bill is operative with the relaunch decree. Arera approves the resolution


Still nothing for families, but this time the government has thought of reducing bills at least to small and medium-sized enterprises. In fact, in the Relaunch decree, article 30 provides for some measures that will lighten the energy bills for the months of May, June and July.The idea is to intervene on the items of the bill “transport and management of the meter” and “general system charges” by injecting € 600 million into the Cassa for energy and environmental services to compensate for the loss of revenue for supplier companies and distributors of power. It will be no money: the state, in short, will not ask for it back after the emergency is over.
The mechanism chosen by the government is rather simple and, therefore, it should be just as simple to apply. All non-domestic users will pay transport costs and expenses as if they had a committed power of 3 Kw without obviously any real reduction, it will only be a fiction to lower the amount.


Fast contracts and easy practices: that’s how the government wants to simplify

To give an idea of ​​what it means: 3 Kw is the power applied in apartments and in very small commercial activities. A medium-sized restaurant, for example, travels around 10-15 Kw of power used to power refrigerators, ovens, freezers and lighting. According to an estimate by Arera, the energy authority, small and medium-sized enterprises with contracts in which the power exceeds 3.3 Kw are 3.7 million. And the savings will be felt: up to 70% for those who in the coming months will not reopen or will do so with a narrow gauge; up to 35% for those who will return to pre-Covid as early as May. Those who have a contract with a power of 15 Kw will be able to save about 70 euros per month.Arera has made it known that the implementing resolution, which has the task of translating article 30 of the Raising Decree into facts, has been approved. With a thread of concern for the next few days, given that Parliament – called to convert the Decree into law – could make some changes, thus making corrections necessary for the same authority. It is certainly not a question of money. It is true that the measure will be financed with 600 million paid by the Ministry of Economy, the first half of which will have to be paid within ninety days, but by the energy authority they assure that the facility will be able to start anyway. Even pending the first 300 million, the money to restore the distribution companies for the lost revenue is already there.

“It is a measure that can be implemented quickly, the billing method is not being changed; once Arera has approved the regulations, the energy companies will have to calculate the charges based on a power of 3 Kw regardless of the actual power used” he explains Marco Vignola, energy manager for the National Consumer Union. “Distributors, then, will have to communicate the non-revenue to the State to reimburse them. This is a fundamental step in order not to jeopardize the system” concludes Vignola.

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