the crossover that comes from afar


UNPUBLISHED MODEL – The compact size crossovers are among the most popular models of the moment, not only in Europe but also in South America, where the Hyundai Creta and Nissan Kicks debuted first. In the coming weeks he will come to “challenge” her Volkswagen Nivus, an unprecedented model for the German company, which will launch it at the beginning in Brazil and then in Argentina (in the second half of 2020), in other countries of South America and also in Europe: here it will arrive in the second half of next year and it will be built in Spain, in the plant that houses the production of the T-Cross (of which it will have a platform and engines).

FOCUS ON DYNAMISM – To make it appreciated by South American and European customers, whose aesthetic tastes do not always match, the Volkswagen chose for the NIVUS the card of dynamism and developed a bodywork with the rear window and the rear pillar inclined, along the lines of the fashionable SUVs with coupé shapes. 426 cm long, it also stands out for the spoiler on the roof and the shiny fascia to join the lights, which develop horizontally. The side view is streamlined, while the front is dominated by the extended bezel that seems to merge with the led headlights. The front is very similar to the T-Cross for the Brazilian market, which has minimal stylistic differences (in addition to being longer than 10 cm) than that for Europe.

LARGE TRUNK – Inside, the NIVUS resumes the style of the Volkswagen more recent: the dashboard extends in width and contains two 10 ”screens, for the dashboard and touchscreen in the console. There is also a first for the Brazilian market: the Nivus is the first car with Android Auto and Apple Car Play wirelessly. The trunk is large, which holds 415 liters with the sofa in the position of use.

DEBUTS WITH 1.0 – La Volkswagen Nivus it is based on the MQB-A0 front-wheel drive platform, shared (in various versions) among all the small, compact and medium cars of the Volkswagen Group. The first engine announced is the 1.0-liter 3-cylinder turbocharged engine, 116 HP when running on petrol and 128 HP if running on ethanol. The 6-speed automatic transmission is standard.

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