The Crew Dragon close to the ISS: docking live after 4pm


The past few hours have undoubtedly been exciting, Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley have been officially the first two humans to “ride” a SpaceX Falcon 9 and thus start a new all-American space program. On May 30, 2020 it will enter history for this and other reasons, being able to send personnel into the space using reusable rockets will in fact allow to cut costs gradually and make these operations more sustainable and faster.

But before talking about the future implications after the Demo-2 mission it will be necessary to reach its conclusion; the launch of the last few hours that we followed with you live was only the beginning, although it can be considered one of the most critical and risky moments. The first launch had been postponed due to bad weather, the enemy of space launches. The two NASA astronauts have since been traveling along the intended trajectory that will take them around 4:29 pm Italian today to the International Space Station.

A completely new moment; It is true that the Crew Dragon has already carried out this operation by bringing material to the ISS (Demo-1 mission) but, in this case, it brings with it a much more precious load. The two protagonists will follow the docking operations very closely, they will have the opportunity to make some movement through the manual controls when they are at a distance of about 220-170m, but the last section will be entirely managed by the on-board computers for maximum precision.

If you want to identify yourself with the mission, you just have to play with the fantastic simulator made available on this page, a real browser game to dock on the ISS.

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