the creator of Silent Hill shared the presentation event trailer


As you have noticed by now, in the last few hours Sony has revealed with a short teaser the date on which we will get to know the games PlayStation 5 and one of the retweets of this message has sparked fans around the world.

In fact, among the characters who shared the video on their Twitter profile there is also Masahiro Ito, the historic creator of Silent Hill. It is not clear whether this simple gesture was made simply by Ito’s love for the PlayStation brand or if, as revealed in some corridor rumors of the last few months, something is boiling in the pot. If you remember correctly, one of the most recent rumors saw a new Silent Hill arriving exclusively on PlayStation 5 thanks to the development of Sony Japan Studio under the supervision of the creator of the horror series.

We remind you that the presentation of the PlayStation 5 games is set for next Thursday, June 4, 2020, at 22:00 Italian time and you can follow the event in our company on the Twitch channel of Everyeye, where there will be a new marathon.

Did you know that according to Jason Schreier Sony was terrified that someone could leak details about the PS5 game presentation event?

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