The Covid 19 app is installed without consent on some Huawei, Honor and Xiaomi: in Italy the hoax


We have reports too today 24 May about a hoax concerning the dreaded Covid 19 app. It is a new chain of “conspiracy” matrix, which on balance regards users with a smartphone Huawei, Honor and Xiaomi. Just to mention, together with Samsung, some of the model manufacturers Android most famous here in Italy. So, after dealing with light topics like that of Facebook and WhatsApp avatars this morning, it is up to explain to many compatriots why it is a fake news.

We explain the history of the Covid 19 app on Huawei, Honor and Xiaomi in Italy

The story has a bottom of truth, but comes to very wrong conclusions by mentioning the so-called Covid 19 app. In fact, as happened during the week with Apple, and more specifically with the iOS 13.5 update, the Android operating system now provides a sort of predisposition for tracking movements and the infected. What does this mean? The recent upgrade of the Google Mobile Services, which occurs through the Play Store, includes among other things a new “programming interface for tracking apps ”.

We are talking about the possibility for Huawei, Honor and Xiaomi users (in addition to Samsung) to receive notifications of exposure to COVID-19. And this, taking advantage the mix of technologies associated with bluetooth and the geolocalization of the device. The point is very simple: all this will be possible only with those who decide to trace the Immune application, the authentic symbol of the Covid 19 apps.

In summary, all the information we are providing will become perfectly useless should a user, here in Italy, decide not to install any tracking application. This is why the chain regarding the Covid 19 app installed without consent on the many Huawei, Honor (the latter, in reference to the models marketed before 2019, or prior to the US ban and the failure to load Google services), Xiaomi and Samsung represent in completely fried air.

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