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Fuel price, a new increase in the average costs of petrol and diesel is on the way. The recovery in oil prices will lead to rises

fuel price
Fuel price, new increases expected in the coming weeks (Pixabay)

In recent months, with the lockdown which blocked any possibility of moving, the consequences were also affected by the fuel sector. The price has fallen to historic lows, resulting in complaints and protests by distributors for subsistence costs too high. A few weeks later, with the easing of many restrictive measures, oil prices are rising.

Crossed threshold $ 30 a barrel, with consequent growth in refining costs, are on the way new increases average petrol and diesel prices. The first one went up from 1,356 to 1,366 euros per liter in the week closed on April 18th. Diesel has passed from 1,247 to 1,256 euros per liter. According to the National Consumer Union, they are expected in the coming weeks further increases.

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Fuel price, the complaint of the National Consumer Union: “It’s shameful”

fuel price
The complaint from the National Consumer Union (Photo: Getty)

The fuel price, as soon as the lockdown phase ended, it started to rise again. Crossed threshold $ 30 a barrel, the next few weeks will be indicative to understand how much the average costs of petrol and diesel will reach. Massimiliano Dona, president of theNational Consumer Union, denounced what is happening. “It is shameful! As soon as the lockdown was over, prices began to rise againDona explains: “Until a few weeks ago, we were in free fall“.

A unacceptable situation according to UNC, which adds: “Easy to bring down the costs when everyone is at home, the ascent started on May 18th“. For the moment, the increase it is still minimal. There is talk of about 1 extra cent per liter. “On a 50-liter tank of petrol or diesel, there is already talk of an increase of 50 cents“Calculate Dona:”And in the coming weeks the costs are set to rise again“.

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