The contract war: the loan case and the Smalling paradox


MILAN – It is chaos on player contracts. Both because there is no “universal” rule to extend those valid until 30 June. Both because the blocking of the payments in March and April that some clubs want to carry on will not prevent the presidents from obtaining the entry to the 2020-21 championships. The AIC is on a war footing and yesterday in the federal council made it clear by voting no to the resolution on national licenses (even the association of coaches has opposed). To hypothesize a strike now is premature, but the AIC vice-president, Umberto Calcagno, reached by phone, thundered: «They want to get us back on the pitch without paying us. This is not a good thing »..

CONTRACT DURATION – It is the first puzzle. It concerns players expiring on 30 June and those on loan, always up to that date. Fifa has given the indication to extend all these agreements between the parties until the end of the season, but it does not have the power to issue a rule because every country has its labor law and every federation has its rules. Infantino therefore stopped at a “suggestion”. UEFA does not have membership powers. Each federation will therefore have to come out with the help of its own league, perhaps hoping for an assist (always in the form of moral suasion) by Eca and Fifpro, the union of players.

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