The conspiracy (which is not there) of Google and Apple that spy on us without consent


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In Android phones, the function for tracking contacts from Covid-19 has appeared. Someone immediately shouted out that there is no conspiracy

by Luca Tremolada

Privacy, tracking and volunteering: here is the “Immune” app

In Android phones, the function for tracking contacts from Covid-19 has appeared. Someone immediately shouted out that there is no conspiracy

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Never get into the head of a conspiracy theorist, because you don’t know how you could get out of it. In these days and moreover a few days after the launch of Immuni, the well-known contact tracking app that should finally be ready for the beginning of June, alarmist messages have appeared on the net, to say the least alarming about an alleged invasion of privacy by of Google. The shape is that of the chain of St. Anthony, and is turning on Facebook and Whatsapp.

The text reads: «Service communication. Caution. I don’t know if anyone has noticed, but they have entered the Covid 19 application on Android devices without any consent. Those who have Android can check on their own. Go to settings, scroll and go to Google. Google settings. Open it, the first services item indicates: notifications of exposure to Covid 19. Warning. Avoid using geolocation, bluetooth and WiFi if possible ». There are also other versions. But like all conspiracies they have plausible contents inside.

Truthfully, there is the fact that yes, in the Google settings, in fact, a section dedicated to exposure notifications to Covid-19 has recently appeared. We add to make the “conspiracy” even more frightening that a novelty of this type will also happen on Apple mobile phones. But no, it’s not an assault on our privacy and it’s not happening without any consent.

Gapple, i.e. Google and Apple
We have known since April 10 of the alliance (undoubtedly undoubtedly but not inexplicable) between Apple and Google to provide a Covid-19 tracking platform to be made available to health authorities to create national apps. We write and talk about Immini, the Italian app created by Bending Spoons, almost continuously for over two months. Moreover, if we are on Immuni, doubts and concerns about the management of this operation have been expressed on radio, TV and on paper since the convening of the 74-member task force. Of all the great and darker mysteries of technology, digital contact tracing is certainly the one most illuminated by the headlights of the media. Now, it’s always good to never take anything for granted because when the big platforms move, automatic thinking goes to the empire of evil, Dart Vader and Big Brother. To suspect is always lawful but it is necessary to deepen and study.

For example, why do Apple and Google deal with Covid-19? Because they “control” more than two billion smartphones. Relying on their technology, as well as being comfortable also in terms of security, is also effective in terms of designing apps. Then a decentralized privacy system was chosen. Why did they “enter” our smartphone? Because the operating system of a smartphone is a software that is cyclically updated. It is like making the car coupon. They manage the system, you can decide not to make updates but you risk that the apps and services will no longer work. In any case, the two giants last week made their API (their system) available ed) to everyone. And so with an update they made this technology available on all phones.

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