the concessions with the Relaunch Decree


Within the Relaunch Decree, there is also the 110% tax deduction for wallboxes, charging points for electric cars

electric cars wallbox
The Dl Relaunch provides incentives for the installation of wallboxes (Photo: Pixabay)

Last May 19 was published in the Official Journal on Raise, which provides various incentives and concessions aimed at helping citizens and businesses. In addition to the measures for the sustainable mobility, the government has decided to help even those who decide to install charging stations for electric cars in the home. By purchasing a wallboxin fact, you can request the personal income tax deduction of 110%.

In particular, Article. 119 of the Raising Decree explains in detail what the incentive for energy efficiency consists of. Defined an ecobonus, this is added to the concessions already provided for by the law decree 63, with some differences. First of all, the deduction is diluted in five years, and no longer 10 as in the past. The deductible percentage rises from 50% to 110% and it will also be possible to request it for wallboxes and other electric vehicle charging points.

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Wallbox benefits: all the news

Electric car wallbox
The Irpef deduction can be transformed into an invoice discount (Getty Images)

L’incentive to install home wallboxes, present in the latest Dl Relaunch, will be usable from 1 July to 31 December 2021. To take advantage of the personal income tax deduction of 110% will be all citizens (with wallbox installation exclusively in the first house), public housing institutes and social housing cooperatives. In addition, it is contained within the Dl Relaunch Article 121, which offers an additional possibility.

Anyone who wishes can transform the tax deduction discount on the invoice. In practice, with a 100% discount (and no longer 110%), it will be possible install a wallbox for free to recharge electric cars. The only unfavorable point is that in which it is explained that, to take advantage of the deduction, it is mandatory to carry out other jobs at home provided for in paragraph 1. That is, energy restructuring interventions (also discounted).

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