The CMC of Ravenna obtains the approval to the composition. The Mayor of Pascale: “Excellent for the whole city and beyond”


“Excellent news for our whole city and beyond! The CMC of Ravenna – comments on mayor Michele de Pascalegot the approval to the concordat, which will allow her to field her relaunch project. In the restart public investment will be essential in infrastructures and it is important that the city and the country can take advantage of the skills of an absolute protagonist as it has always been and how the CMC must continue to be ”.


“On behalf of all the cooperators from Romagna, I express great satisfaction with the approval of the arrangement procedure in continuity of the CMC, approved today by the Court of Ravenna. The result was far from obvious. We thank President Alfredo Fioretti, CEO Davide Mereghetti, Director General Paolo Porcelli for the enormous work done over these long months, advisors and professionals who have committed themselves to managing the procedure. A special thanks goes to the members of the CMC and to the trade union organizations, which even in such a difficult and delicate moment have shown strong nerves, cohesion, trust and attachment to the cooperative. A new path is now opening in which it will be necessary to carry out that relaunch plan with which CMC – focusing on its large industrial capacity, on its presence in the Italian and international market, on the ability to face complex and competitive scenarios and on the professionalism of its structure technique – will be the first major cooperative company in the construction sector and one of the main Italian players in the sector. At this point, we expect a strong revival of public investment in infrastructure to put the CMC and the entire sector of power back in condition. ” So Mario Mazzotti, President of Legacoop Romagna.

“Approval of the bankruptcy procedure decided by the Court allows CMC of Ravenna resume activities and look to the future with confidence. A result of the whole cooperative, members and managers, together with cooperation, trust given by creditors, positive also for the territory “. So Giovanni Monti, president of Legacoop Emilia-Romagna, commented on twitter the homologation of the agreed settlement procedure today by the Court of Ravenna.

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