The climate gone crazy Goodbye to one out of three Veronese fruit


Climate change is the new enemy of Veronese and Veneto crops in general. The alarm comes from Coldiretti: farewell to one fruit out of 3 with the collapse of the summer fruit harvest from apricots to cherries, from peaches to nectarines, which is destined to have effects on consumer prices.

This is what emerges from an analysis on the basis of Europech’s forecasts for fruit harvesting throughout Europe for 2020. The adverse climatic situation that weighs – underlines Coldiretti Veneto – has cut the production on which, moreover, concerns for the shortage of workers for collections which could lead to further losses for the national offer.

There frost on March 24 in the province of Verona, which records the largest number of Veneto fruit farms (4849 out of 7685 at the regional level), has created leopard spots on the territory affecting the crops. In particular, Coldiretti’s technicians found damage to apricot from 70 to 90% on early varieties and from 30/50% on late varieties, on peaches and nectarines damage of 70/80% on early varieties, from 50 to 70% on varieties medium and 30% on late. Significant damage also on plum trees: from 50 to 80% on the Japanese variety and from 30 to 50% on European ones. The cold did not spare the pear tree with cases of up to 50% drop.

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