The city of Moscow has reviewed the count of coronavirus deaths, doubling it


The city of Moscow reviewed the count of coronavirus deaths in April, doubling it. City health authorities said on Friday that they changed the criteria for counting coronavirus-related deaths to include deaths in which it played an important role although it was not the only cause of death (for example in patients with previous pathologies). According to the new count, 1,561 people died in April from the coronavirus: the previous count stopped at 639 deaths.

Russia is the third country in the world by number of confirmed cases – 387,623 arrived on Friday – but confirmed a far lower number of coronavirus-related deaths than all other countries where the epidemic spread so much : 4,374 in all (just over one in 100 infected, when there are more than 100,000 in the United States, one in every 17 infected). Moscow health authorities said they expected other regions of the country to review the confirmed death toll based on the new criteria.

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