the championship will restart on 20 June


The championship of A league can resume from June 20. The green light for the restart of the season came tonight, after the meeting between the leaders of Italian football and the Minister of Sport, Vincenzo Spadafora. The meeting took place in a video conference and saw around a table Gabriele Gravina (president of the FIGC), Paolo Dal Pino (number one of League A), Mauro Balata (referent of League B), Francesco Ghirelli (top manager of League C), Cosimo Sibilia (leader of the Amateurs), Damiano Tommasi (Ace-players), Renzo Ulivieri (Ace-coaches), Marcello Nicchi (president of the Hague).

The Serie A championship restarts on June 20, the announcement of Minister Spadafora

Green light after the OK to the protocol of the matches by the Scientific Technical Committee had arrived in the past few hours. A summit that lasted about 40 minutes, and therefore ended with the proverbial white smoke. At the end of the meeting, the minister also announced the date of the restart for the championship, that is June 20. Our football, however, could reopen its doors as early as June 13 (or at most from 14) with the semi-finals of the Italian Cup (and a hypothetical final on 17). It will serve the OK of the FIGC and above all of the Premier Conte with a special derogation that can allow to take the field on the 13th

About 3 months after the last game played (Juventus-Inter, 8 March) and after the lockdown period sanctioned by the Government as a strategy to contain the Covid-19 pandemic, the ball can start rolling again in the stadiums Italians but the plants will remain closed to the public. The positive evolution of the contagion curve had fueled optimism, dampened the tensions of the score weeks and favored the agreement between the parties.

The Serie A League meeting, scheduled for tomorrow, will make the formal aspects of the last bureaucratic steps and the calendar official. There is a real tour de force waiting for us (every three days) of games spread over 3 time slots (Minister Spadafora did not comment on the possible slots). From June 20 (from 13 in case of OK to the Italian Cup) it will arrive until July 26 (the date scheduled for the closure of the championship) before the return of the Champions and Europa League.

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