The championship is back. Serie A restarts on 20 June


At the end the date for the restart of the Serie A has arrived: it is June 20th. The announcement was made by the Minister of Sport Vincenzo Spadafora: “Serie A starts again on 20 June, my hope is that in the previous week the Italian Cup can be played” he said at the end of the meeting with the members of the Fededercalcio. The scheduled date for the resumption of the matches of the national cup is June 13, the final should be 17.

Serie B, on the other hand, will start again 6 days after the top flight: “It will start again on June 26, we had already approved it and now there is the government’s ok for which we thank Minister Spadafora”, he told Ansa Mauro Balata, president of the Lega di B. “Starting again – he concludes – is really a great thing”. Figc president Gabriele Gravina said he was “happy and satisfied. A success that I share with Minister Spadafora and the members of the FIGC. The restart of football represents a message of hope for the whole country. Ours is a project of great responsibility because it involves the whole professional world of Serie A, B, C and, hopefully, also the female Serie A “.

Work is currently underway for the clear transmission of the matches. Spadafora explained that “contacts are underway with the broadcasters who have the rights to the championship matches. My hope is that there will also be a signal from Sky in the ways that are still to be seen “.

“Today’s first talks with Sky were also positive – added the minister – so I hope that Sky will also receive a confirmation signal, let’s see in what terms and as far as possible, that it can meet the will to all Italians to experience this recovery of the championship with passion but also avoiding the gatherings in public places to go and watch the games “.

During the day, the Scientific Technical Committee had given its approval for the security protocol proposed by the football federation. “At the moment the CTS excludes that quarantine can be loosened”: specified the Minister of Sport, Vincenzo Spadafora. Spadafora explained that during the meeting with the FIGC and its components, there was also talk of the possibility of positivity on the recovery path. “The FIGC is well aware and has assured me that it has a plan B and also a plan C”, As for any new cases of coronavirus, “the CTS today confirmed the unavoidable necessity of the trust quarantine in the event that a footballer should be positive, which we clearly do not hope for “.

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