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CASELLE (TURIN). There is good news for the Turinese who are waiting for the go-ahead from the government to return to travel. The prices of flights from Caselle have decreased compared to last year ». Andrea Andorno, managing director of Torino Airport, tells how the airport changes in view of the summer after dark months in which traffic has practically gone.

You imagined a rush to the price increases, but what is going on?
«By dispelling the doubts of the last few weeks, there are no domestic routes with more expensive prices. Rather. The companies, both to recover on the transactions lost in the previous months and to push people to fly, have reduced prices compared to 2019 for July by more than 60%, for August with percentages ranging from 20 to 50%. An example are Alghero and Lamezia Terme which in August for now cost respectively 59 and 56% less “.

How will air traffic spread in our region?
National traffic will be the first to restart, Turin has an important local traffic component not only for business but also for families who move from Caselle to reach second homes and relatives in other regions. These travelers look at airlines such as Volotea which, in the midst of a crisis, Covid has announced flights to Alghero and Catania. Today (yesterday for the reader, ed.) Blue air has announced that it will start flying again starting from June 15 both on Lamezia Terme, both on Naples and on Catania. The challenge will be to be able to bring back the routes that were there before and I do not exclude that other carriers may appear on some routes already served ».

And for foreign traffic?

The historical demand from countries like Romania is very similar to the domestic one for family reunification and will see a restart already this summer. Business demand will come from September and also depends on the performance of the economy. For tourism we are working especially in view of the winter season: we want to confirm the snow charters ».

Are people regaining the confidence they need to travel?
“The airport is absolutely safe. In recent months we have worked to increase the measures necessary for prevention, the spaces are large and allow for easy distancing. Air carriers report that bookings are increasing as the opportunity to travel peacefully materializes. The air vehicle is very safe from a health point of view, there is an immediate exchange of air and very strict controls ».

The Region has promised 7 million for the promotion of Turin abroad. What help do you expect from the institutions?
«We are an important link in the value chain of tourist incoming which as a prerequisite must have a promotional investment. The contribution from the Region is therefore important. There will be even more competition to attract tourists, promotional campaigns must be effectively determined to explain that you can safely return to skiing in our facilities. In recent months we have not had any compensation for the losses suffered despite having guaranteed the public service. These are negative data that will weigh on the next balance sheet ».

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