The Cassation accelerates on Palamara: “Thousands of chats and text messages are in effect”


The more the days go by, the more the network on which the power system designed by Luca Palamara it spreads like wildfire. The procedural material on the prosecuted investigated for an alleged corruption, sent by the prosecutor of Perugia to the general prosecutor of the Court of Cassation, “it is made up of a considerable number of documents, including several tens of thousands of text messages and chats, largely of content unrelated to the subject matter of the procedures“This is what the Supreme Court General Prosecutor said that, inter alia, for”the swift examination of these acts“constituted”a special group of deputy general prosecutors“.

As if that were not enough, the same power of attorney of the Cassationwill assume its conclusive determinations in a very short time“on the disciplinary actions already exercised and on any new actions to be taken in relation to the proceedings initiated with the affair of the Rome prosecutor Luca Palamara, investigated in Perugia for corruption.

The power of attorney accelerates

Going into detail, the transmission of theinvestigation of Perugia and it is “further deeds whose assessment is essential for the purposes of the final considerations on the disciplinary actions already exercised and on any new actions to be taken“.

The General Prosecutor of the Supreme Court recalls that thedisciplinary action against the prosecutor Luca Palamara for whom the precautionary measure of suspension from duties and salary was requested and obtained, confirmed by the Civil United Sections of the Cassation on 15 January.

The general power of attorney also recalls that action was taken against the members of the CSM, then resigned, namely Corrado Cartoni, Paolo Criscuoli, Antonio Lepre, Gianluigi Morlini and Luigi Spina. As for Cosimo Ferri, MP, “for which disciplinary action was initiated“, the Consulta – reads the note of the general Prosecutor of Cassation -“today decided on the conflict of attribution raised by the same parliamentarian, declaring it inadmissible“.

In network of Palamara VIPs, politicians, ministers, judges were finished. Among the representatives of the Democratic Party with which the prosecutor spoke, in addition to deputies Luca Lotti and Cosimo Ferri, we find Nicola Zingaretti and Marco Minniti. And again: sports managers, colleagues and show business personalities.

Itanto, while waiting for justice to run its course, on his Twitter profile, Luca Palamara quotes a famous triplet from Hell of the Divine Comedy by Dante: “Consider your seed: you were not made to live like brutes but to follow virtue and knowledge“.

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