“The C in the field only for the playoffs? Here’s what could happen in July”


The C in the field only for the playoffs? Here’s what could happen in July“comments the Gazzetta dello Sport on the situation of the Serie C following the Federal Council held in the afternoon.

We read in the article signed by Nicola Binda, which deepens the meaning of his afternoon tweet (CLICK HERE TO READ), which calls into question the three leaders of the C series, who could be forced to play the playoffs (!!! ) to conquer Serie B:

Bocciata. The proposal voted by the Lega Pro companies was rejected by the Federal Council to the sender. No stops at the championship, no promotions at the table, no relegation blocks and repechage. Beyond the political consequences (Ghirelli very embittered and also resentful for the playoff requests coming from some of his clubs directly to the FIGC: “All this does not satisfy me, we are unable to play: the 60 social doctors said it and for the clubs will be very hard “), the FIGC voted for Serie C to try to return to the field to end the season, in the wake of Serie A and Serie B. Even with a shortened course.

Gravina had her shoulders covered after she had the power to correct the championship format during the race. And so he found a hypothesis to end the season on the field for C as well. The times must obviously be long, first the A and then the B must be reactivated, so materially there would be no time to play all the last days and the following playoffs. So the change of format would allow to play only playoffs and playouts, with a revised and more streamlined formula, but perhaps with all the teams involved in the field, including the three leaders (Monza, Vicenza and Reggina) and the last three (Gozzano, Rimini, Rieti). In theory they could be 46 teams, following the old rules: the 28 of the playoffs plus the first 3 should play the 4 promotions, the last 5 of the three groups should avoid the 9 relegations. If, on the other hand, the FIGC writes a new regulation (repeat: the right to change the format is now there), the teams involved may be less. Nor can it be ruled out that the three promotions and the three direct relegations should not be awarded as they are, with mini-playoffs (and playouts) for the few. In any case, it would be a very hot July, with the championship values ‚Äč‚Äčthat are likely to be reset and therefore with many surprises around the corner.

In the meantime, the companies have to equip themselves to start training again (and someone has already done it), knowing that the deadlines of the contracts will be prolonged for each category, that for wages under 50,000 euros gross, the Government intervened with the layoffs. and that with the passing of the weeks the demanding protocol that will be launched for A could be lightened (it would mean that the risk of infection has decreased). If, on the other hand, you will not even be able to play the playoffs (and the playouts), then the FIGC will be forced to write the verdicts on the table. The discussion would be extended to all categories that do not return to the field, with a univocal criterion, but for C the matter would be complicated by the famous fourth promotion. Because if the first three classified would be a certainty, an ad hoc criterion relating to sporting merit should be studied for the fourth (excluding the draw a priori). The Lega Pro, regulation in hand, had indicated the average points / games played already used in the past for the playoff grids: a calculation that would reward Carpi. However, the FIGC could study another one, always in the context of the NOIF. Which? This could become the question of the summer. “

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