The benefits for Covid 19 emergency companies: that’s the point


With the Covid emergency, the decrees multiplied with special interventions in favor of businesses. The problem that these measures were then converted into law passing by the Parliament that made changes (in some cases the path in progress). There are also numerous diversifications of treatments linked to each territory.

For example, the Cura Italia decree established that payments deriving from payment cards issued up to 31 August 2020 are suspended. Payments are resumed from September, in 4 monthly installments. Installments due in 2020 for tax amnesties (e.g. scrapping ter, tax peace). For all taxpayers, installments that expire in 2020 for tax amnesties (e.g. scrapping ter, tax peace) are also suspended. But in this case the installments start to pay again from 10 October. Exemptions, exceptions, special cases are almost infinite. Here is a summary of the situation in a table prepared by Confindustria.

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