The bars reopen, even in Cuneo the most expensive coffee. Here are the bars that have already decided, then will it also be brioche and cappuccino? – The print


Reopening of the bars from Saturday, after the stop to the public for the pandemic, with an increase in the price of the espresso cup at the counter. The coffee will go to different businesses in Cuneo and Borgo San Dalmazzo from 1.10 to 1.20 euros, without prejudice to the huge differences from local to local on the “complementary services”, that is, those who also give water (some bars charge it ), but also a dessert, a chocolate, a rum from Cuneo, not to mention the discounted coupons for loyal customers.

Tomorrow, Thursday 21 May, the bars in Cuneo (about a hundred between the plateau and hamlets) will compete to evaluate any adjustments also to the rest of the price list “over the counter”, from cappuccinos to desserts. Many bars in Corso Nizza and via Roma will go immediately to a cup of 1.20 euros, from Edelweiss to Corso to all the places with Illy brand coffee, then almost all the bars in the Galimberti and Europa squares, except for some more “skeptical” managers , who will still wait. Three cups and bars in Borgo San Dalmazzo also go to € 1.20.

And the rest of the province? Will the capital follow? The managers of Cuneo explain: «Everyone will choose which commercial strategy to adopt, but elsewhere in northern Italy the cup already reaches 1.30 euros. The increases? With the abandonment of the lira, in 2002, the gradual change took place from 90 cents to one euro. Six years ago, an increase of another 10 cents, now the second increase in almost 20 years: physiological, lower than average inflation, necessary to start again after the collapse of business due to Covid-19 “.

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