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The weekly Oggi reveals some background on the crisis between Belen Rodrigue and Stefano De Martino and he wrote that it would all start “when the virus imposed closeness and left neither escape routes nor bubbles of intimacy to fix or heal quarrels. The apex is a heated discussion in the bowels of the beautiful building in the Moscova area where the couple lives. In fact, at the end of April, three days after the outburst intercepted by more than one tenant, Stefano goes down to Naples for work “. From that day, says Today, the communications between the two are interrupted. Then, a few days ago, the removal: “Thursday 21 May Stefano returns to Milan and, instead of flying from Belen, goes straight to his parents’ house, on the edge of the Isola district. On Friday 22nd he doesn’t go to see his partner. On Saturday 23 he makes a trip home, says goodbye to Santiago, returns to his parents, loads his Mini to the extreme and takes the Autostrada del Sole, towards Naples. ” Photo: Kikapress
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