The Avigan guy at the protests of the tricolor masks in Rome


We heard about Cristiano Aresu when he made a video stating that Coronavirus SARS-COV-2 in Japan was under control because they used a drug called Avigan. This was a falsehood, given that the trial on the drug in Tokyo started a long time later and is not giving satisfactory results. Nonetheless, for him there was also a guest from Massimo Giletti and, since yesterday, the qualitative leap: in the direct coverage of Local Team on the protests in the center of Rome yesterday he is also framed with a megaphone.

What happened in Rome yesterday? ANSA says that in the capital the demonstration turned black: about 200 people in Piazza Venezia – leading the group ‘Marcia su Roma’, but also representatives of Casapound – attempted to reach Montecitorio but were blocked by shields police in riot gear, not without a few moments of tension. Then in an attempt to get around the cordon of shields they arrived, fraying in a rush in an improvised procession, almost to the Vatican and then being bottled, identified and dispersed. However, a group decided to remain indefinitely in Piazza Venezia (“let’s occupy it, set up the tents”) there where the protest began in the early morning and where in the afternoon someone also tried to push away an armored car that blocked the road. Shaved heads, tricolors, nostalgic shirts, some ‘vests’.

But evidently it does not end here: because Aresu himself yesterday celebrated on his profile for the next appointment in Piazza del Popolo with a lot of authorization to demonstrate by the Police Headquarters.

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